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I was thinking that I could write something about travelling because I really love it :) I´m starting to make big plans for this year... :)

It started with planning a visit in
Chelmsford... :) I found not expensive tickets and time to go there... :) I just booked it, wrote my friends that I´m coming and that´s it... and all the time since I booked my flight I´m really looking forward to it... :)

not that I am not thankful for what I have but I always want more... I´m not satisfied that I have more than many people but I always look up to people who have more than me, who experience more than me and I envy them... I shouldn´t but I do... I´m a little dreamy... ;) so my next plans... :)))))

since a long time ago I´ve been dreaming about spending Easter in Barcelona...
Barcelona is a beautiful city and I hope there will be someday oportunity for me to explore that city more... I´ve already seen quite a lot there but it was with a group... firstly with a choir and than with my family... I want to experience it alone or with maximum of 1-2 other people... just have fun! :)

about Easter in Barcelona... you really can´t say no to those big pa
rades in the streets, to tons of chocolate formed into different animals and also to many people outside... :D yes, it´s really catholic but it must be really great experience and I want to experience that!

Easter Holy Week (Semana Santa)
One of the most important festivals in Spain, processions and concerts are held throughout the country. The celebrations lead up to Easter Sunday (Dia de Pascua).
From Date: 15 April 2011
To Date: 24 April 2011

and my other destination is Paris... we have been talking about go
ing there with my mum already a year... and I think it´s just about: "hey mum, I found those flight/bus tickets for ... do you have time? we could finally go. Let´s book some accomodation!" really easy but it´s important to make the first step :)

I´ve alreay visited Paris but it was really short visit (just one night) that I don´t really count it... I didn´t even go up on the Eiffel tower... :( we came in the
evening, we under the Eiffel tower then went sleep and next day went to Louvre, Notre Damme and the Arc de Triomphe... then we went to Bordeaux...

so what I would like to see there? Al least go up to the Ei
ffel tower and go shopping :D and feel the atmosphere of Paris...
this might be very useful site for deciding what to do there :)


  1. jééééje...Barcelona byla dokonalá...já bych tak chtěla zpátky Rybky a to cestování...ach jo...můžu jet s tebou?

  2. jó, Barcelona... :) no, právě dneska sem zas koukala na letenky a sou teda dost drahý... takže pokud to nevymyslim nějak chytře, tak budu asi muset jet busem... :(

  3. nojo, letadlo je letadlo, ale tak hlavně, že se tam nějak dostaneš ;) stejně závidím...

  4. hm... tojo... :)) tak se taky vydej... u koho ste vy vůbec přespávali?? u tý Carminy?? :D :D ne, vy ste byly u žáby!! :D tak jí napište a taky tam přespěte... ;))))



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